Summing it Up...

Now, that I'm way on the wrong side of sixty, I feel that being true to self is important. "I yam, what I yam." Kindness and smiles are to be given away. Women are strong. Men are more vulnerable than we believe. Husbands may come and go...but one thing I know for sure is that I will NEVAH live without a corgi or coffee in my life if I can prevent it. Come piles of dog fur or hot water!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Greetings from Possumville...

This little bugger was in our was dead....but there it was. We're thinking that there is a family of these guys living under our deck. We're thinking that these are the guys who gathered all the corgi fur from the yard to make their beds snug and warm. The dogs always sniff the floor of the deck, and all around the steps when we're outside. To tell the truth, until a few days ago, we thought it was rabbits under's Possumville. Ugh. I'm repeating myself. Ugh.

On a lighter note....just enjoyed another fire outside. We burned a piece of cedar which made the air so fragrant. The leaves are at their peak color, the sky was blue, and the air was crisp enough to want the fire. Sitting in a swing, enjoying the day, dogs getting belly rubs, meatballs in the crock pot simmering away....does it get any better? I think not. A darn nice afternoon. Little gifts come to us in many ways. I told Jim that Halloween came early this week and his gift was in the garage....and I wasn't playing possum, either!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

It was the perfect autumn weekend in small town Indiana, weather wise.

It seems as if the farmer's market vendors bring more and more each Saturday morning to sell. It's obviously been a bountiful harvest for them.Most of the fields have been combined, and the grain trucks, full of yellow corn and soybeans lumber down the two lane highways. The dust the combines create makes us close the vents as we drive through the cloud. It was a good weekend to work outside. Jim winterized the motor home, took it for a run to charge the batteries, and put it to bed for the winter.

Stuffy noses happen this time of year for many reasons. Things are coming to a close.
I closed up the back porch, and tore down the flower beds. My bra filled with morning glory seeds as I tore the vines off the arbor out front.

The flower beds are decorated for fall, and the scarecrow is bunge corded to the arbor, with his arm up, waving to passersby.

I've been hankering big time for a bonfire, and last night was the night.

The corgi kids came out and sat on the deck swing with me as we gazed deeply into the flickering flames. If the fire snapped, Addie quickly turned her back to it, and snugged her nose into my armpit.(?)Is there safety in there, do you suppose?

The color of the tree across the street, and the bright stars were the perfect background as evening slipped into night.

It was my 59th yesterday, and by gum, I was determined to make myself happy, and a fire always seems to be able to do that.
What better gift for a pyromaniac? (heehee).
Pushing 60 makes one have some thoughts about mortality, happiness, and peppermint ice-cream!

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

Everyone is special, and counts!