Summing it Up...

Now, that I'm way on the wrong side of sixty, I feel that being true to self is important. "I yam, what I yam." Kindness and smiles are to be given away. Women are strong. Men are more vulnerable than we believe. Husbands may come and go...but one thing I know for sure is that I will NEVAH live without a corgi or coffee in my life if I can prevent it. Come piles of dog fur or hot water!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A new face in the crowd~

Oh gals, somebody new came to visit my blog and it was MY lucky day!
Pam, from Pam's Midwest Kitchen Korner, is a cook. Not a chef, but a DANG good cook.
Her recipes will make y'all salivate. Think Southern gal meets/marries Midwest guy...and her recipes are comfy midwest fare with the added zip that only the south adds in! I'm totally hooked, and have been sending off recipes to April in Chapel Hill, and running copies.

Are you still here? visit Pam, and let the cooking begin!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Several topics...

A sparrow enters the tree
Whereon immediately
A snow-lump thrice his own slight size
Descends on him
And showers his head and eyes.

–Thomas Hardy

That's exactly what's happening in our neck of the woods. Flurries off and on all day, but tonight, it's getting serious. Flakes, are the size of fifty cent pieces, no kidding! Plunk, right on top of a bird would have some impact I think. Plunk, right in our eye, has impact too! Surely...Winter will wane soon...won't it?

Do you like using herbs and spices when you cook? I try to cut salt intake way down, by using freshly ground pepper, garlic cloves, fennel seeds, rosemary, cumin, chives, parsley, liberally in most dishes. Tonight, I'm roasting carrots, sweet potato slivers, onion, green pepper, zucchini, and mushroom chunks. Tossed in a little olive oil, and some of the seasonings mentioned, at 425. The smell is tantalizing...and even the corgi kids are lurking by the oven.
I often do this while Jim is gone through the week. I'm not the carnivore that he is, although the corgettes are.

We went to Outback on Sunday for a belated Valentine's supper. He gave me a couple yellow roses, and a Skor bar too. He's a good egg, but slightly cracked.
Thank God!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm not sure if it's the winter doldrums, too many gray skied days, but this house is blah! Dreams of paint swatches and ripping down old wallpaper border, and painting woodwork have filled my brain. Do you ever get that way? Think and scheme in color?

Many women are so creative. I used to be like that. Then marriage sort of took that out of me. Men don't like country cottage; men have "stuff"; and good heavens men like big, bulky furniture, and piles of things. Back in the day, when I was single for fifteen years...our homes were creative, colorful, and had a touch of femininity. Now, I'm not saying that I want Jim to go away, and pack up all his bulky belongings...but, I do miss those more decorative, awe-inspired, and yes, girly surroundings! Lace curtains have been replaced by wooden slat blinds.
Furniture is woody, not wickery. Get the idea?

Is it a toss up? If man lives in house, women don't decorate as they hanker to?
It's a quandary...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

♥♥♥♥ I may just take a little break...bear with me.♥♥♥

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Well gang...a decision has been made

When I read that our dear ol' Penniwig was calling it a day with her blog, it stunned me and knocked my socks off. It also got me thinking about something whirling around in the back of my brain, sort of like a hamster in a wheel.

You all have opened up this small town gal's world. You've made me think, you've made me laugh. You've given helpful tips and taught me how to do/make something new.
We've shared our lives, our hopes, and failings. It's been wonderful.

Like Penniwig, I'm going to hang up my blogging hat. Your blogs will still be followed by, and read by me daily. I will comment and stay in touch. My creative juices have run their course, and my posts are flat. The fat lady has sung, so it's time to go.

The blog will stay on Blogger, and if you choose to stay in touch via email...terrific! You can always comment on an old post.
So...take care everyone. Hugs and blessings to all of you.

Remember: Butt jiggle is my little way of waving GoOdByE !

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

More info from the Farmer's Almanac...

We don't get mushy at our house, but some of you folks may still go in for that kind of thing especially this close to Valentine's Day. I adore the Farmer's Almanac, and its homey, old fashioned, wit and lore. Here's one that I had to share with my sista's!

Do love potions work?
In 1989, The US Food and Drug Administration banned advertisers from promoting pills or potions because testing had shown that none worked no matter what the contents—whether fennel or dried beetle bodies.

Any that appeared to work did so only because the user believed they would—the stimulant lay only in the users' mind. In other words, it's the imagination that creates its own exciting possibilities and the body that leaps forward to fulfill the fantasies.

The Last Stimulant You'll Ever Need
Love is the most magnificent of aphrodisiacs. Although it is certainly no more easier to get a hold of than some of these potions, it's a heck of a lot cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Before you spend money on the goods, spend the time on your partner. Otherwise nothing will work!

Sunday, February 07, 2010


I pray you enough sun to keep your attitude bright no matter how gray the day may appear.

I pray you enough rain to appreciate the sun even more.

I pray you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive and everlasting.

I pray you enough pain so that even the smallest of joys in life may appear bigger.

I pray you enough gain to satisfy your wanting.

I pray you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I pray you enough hellos to get you through the final good-bye.

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

Everyone is special, and counts!