Summing it Up...

Now, that I'm way on the wrong side of sixty, I feel that being true to self is important. "I yam, what I yam." Kindness and smiles are to be given away. Women are strong. Men are more vulnerable than we believe. Husbands may come and go...but one thing I know for sure is that I will NEVAH live without a corgi or coffee in my life if I can prevent it. Come piles of dog fur or hot water!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Summer is flying by...

How can it be the second week in July already?  The summer season is on fast forward it seems. We've had weeks of rain, and flooding, and now mosquitoes are eating us up. The firework display is history, raspberries are coming on in the backyard and so are the green beans. Nice little additions to our meals.

Hollyhocks with white, burgandy, magenta, pink and yellow blooms are nearly eight feet high.  The potato plants are nearly two feet high. The tomato plants are the biggest I've ever grown, and seem to have outgrown the raised bed.  Zucchinis are the size of dill pickles.  Rain and heat makes them happy I guess. More so for them than us. likee because it breeds bugs.   Ugh!

The corgi girls like to listen to the birds, and roll in the grass. They bite into the yard pulling up grass.  Does this mean they are lacking vitamins in their diet, or just being naughty?  Hmmm. Dixie snaps at wasps, and mosquitoes cover poor old blind Addie's eyes.

We haven't had a backyard fire yet to roast hotdogs. It's on the list though.  I checked the country roads to find out the status of the elderberries. Late August that juicy deep purple should come making the berries ready for pie or jam.  Soon the blueberries, and blackberries will be ready in Indiana. A good time for all.   Love watching the hummers, and listening to the night sounds on a summer night. That includes the whine of scooters and motorcycles, the yelp of kids jumping into inflatable backyard pools, and the hum of mowers.

Ahhh summer. The perfect time to....

Thursday, May 21, 2015

~Garden Therapy at Corgi Cottage~

'Tis the season of the year when gardeners delight in bending over, pulling weeds, digging holes and dragging manure and mulch across the yard. Sore muscles make us smile because we can see what we're accomplishing. Our efforts pay off big time and that in itself is therapy following a long winter's nap.

My hubby cringes during the month of May, and his vocabulary becomes more colorful let us say.  He's pretty grouchy.  He doesn't have the green thumb but he has the height, and muscle, necessary to do the grunt work sometimes.

He made this raised bed for me last May due to being married to an arthritic whiner.  It works great, and the design is lovely and so well built.

This barn quilt was my Christmas gift this past December.  

Of course there's a corgi theme going on here. The rocks were all gathered from local fields. Jim always says he's not coming to get me out of jail if I get arrested for gathering rocks. I tell him that I'm doing the farmers a service.

My two kids put this arbor together on Mother's Day weekend in 1993. It came along when we moved to small town USA.  Kentucky wisteria on the left, and red climber roses on the right. Morning glories grow later in the season adding a touch of navy blue.

The month of May and June, for me, are the happiest months. Most of my days are spent outside if I'm not doing my receptionist gig at the large nursing facility six minutes away. We have a covered deck out back and watch hummers, butterflies, listen to cooing doves and just chill.  Garden therapy indeed.   I hope that you, where ever you are, are blessed as well, in having your own little respite hideaway.  God meant for us to be calm, and enjoy His beauty.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mama Sez....

Our mother turned 98 on April 4th this year. On December 4th, she suffered a massive stroke, wiping out her left side, and her old self was gone forever. She was always an optimist. She always saw the best in everyone. She was the encourager, listener, and sweet.  She had the heart of a lion however. She once crawled out on a semi-frozen river, on the fast moving current side, to rescue our family dog who had broken through.  She slid out on her belly and somehow was able to drag out a nearly fifty pound cocker-collie mix.  It had to be the guardian angels that aided her that day.

During WW2 she was actively involved in many things as most young women were at the time.  They traveled everywhere by train with girlfriends, held jobs that today would require college degrees, and were strong, independent women. She met dad in 1939 but they didn't marry until 1946.  They wrote letters all during the war; most of their courtship aided by the mailman. He died in 1971, and the date on their headstone will have to be cut out to be updated to 20--.

Mom wasn't cranky. She was positive and giving to her three children. Each of her eight grand kids were treated special when they spent the night with her. Each had their favorite food served on Saturday morning, in front of the tv, cartoons galore. One loved mush, another like egg sandwiches cut into fours. My daughter sat on the kitchen counter as her Gram made french crepes, just for her. She will have ten great grands by August.  They all call her GG.

These days mom is in the nursing home, and once in a blue moon will recognize us.  Mostly she's quiet, but some days she talks about bits and pieces of things that her mind can latch onto.  It doesn't make much sense. But...she can still get the ornery look on her face, and laugh.  We just don't know what it's about.

Mom kept her opinions to herself for the most part. We all made mistakes along the way. We're all in our sixties now, so ups and downs have happened in our lives. She would have to be really overwrought if she did speak up.  Darn if she wasn't right most of the time.  Why we didn't listen to her as she gently tried to help us see things another way, I don't know. She never said I told you so.  She didn't have to be right...she just wanted us happy.

I find her face sometimes when I look into the mirror. I will say, "oh fiddle" and other mom isms. I smile when I drive, and keep one on my face when out in public. This is how she lived. I miss sharing a mug of hot tea, and discussing a new novel with her. We made lemon pie together several times a year, and both liked it tart. She's still here, but she isn't. 

The clock is ticking. I'm so grateful though to have been able to be drawn closer to her since December.  I had just asked God to help me get closer to her again...never knowing this would be the way to do so.  It's been a gift and a cross at the same time.  My brothers feel the same. She wanted us all to be closer again, and her illness has done that.  In essence, I guess, every one's prayers have been answered.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Think it's gonna happen...

By golly, we heard thunder today and had a real downpour. The popped up tulip greens around small town USA should be happy with the 60 degree temp and the long drink. Crocus of gold and purple are blooming on corners.

I've been writing out a honey do list for myself as far as household and yard chores to get done.  Once the sun starts shining again, the dinge of winter really shows up.

Addie our achy gimpy 13 year old corgi wants to be outside more. The town smells like manure, another spring ritual here. The barns are cleaned out and the "stuff" gets spread.  Stinky, but another true sign that it's really becoming SpRiNg.

Wishing you all a blessed and happy Easter. Enjoy the rituals of the coming season as we shake off winter. 

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Just like Rip Van Winkle....I'm waking up.

Greetings and Salutations dear blog buddies. 

Are you out there still? Spring is showing its pretty face this morning and I feel as if we're shaking off that dark, dreary winter (of discontent).

Life marches on, and via Facebook, some of us have kept in touch.  Corgis, books, zany thoughts are still part of life here in Small town USA.

Jim and I are still cheering each other on.  (He did not recognize us in the "yearbooked" photo that I went online and created.)
Addie is 13, blind with cataracts, and full of tumors. We focus on making her comfy and happy. Dixie is a bundle of pep and joy, which truly, honks Addie off.
The corgi girls have slept through winter, and they too, are beginning to wake up.  We are looking forward to being outside, working in the flower beds, soaking in the sunshine.

 The grandkids are taller.  Now 8 and soon to be 4.  Growing up too fast, but thanks to FB, we see pics as they are posted and can see what happens in their daily lives a little.  Sometimes we skype or facetime, but not often enough....yet.

I'm working part-time as a relief receptionist and go on outings with the residents on Friday and Saturday nights at the retirement home about six minutes from our home.  My mom is a current resident there in health care.

We dream of travel again, but for now we're working until retirement age. Thankfully everything is paid off, which is freeing, but the glory days of rv'ing is a  happy memory....for now!

Hope to get reconnected with my bloggie pals. Bless you  and hope that all is well in your corner of the world.

Don't worry.....ornery is still my middle name.

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

Everyone is special, and counts!