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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Road Warrior Weariness

We've had a long day battling the wind as we drove today. Jim's arms should be sore tonight. We literally watched the temperature drop throughout the day. We're in Jeffersonville, IN., right across the Ohio River from Louisville. We're staying in a Sam's Club parking lot tonight and will be home tomorrow We left Georgia this morning after a fun breakfast at Waffle House. The teamwork the crew of three had is incredible, and they deliver the meal order to the cook in code, nothing is on paper, how he remembers everything is a mystery.
In Georgia we talked to a gal at who has a red golf cart, painted up in Earnhart Jr's colors, with a souped-up motor. She said, "if y'all can't go big....stay on the porch!"
We saw fields of cotton around Tifton, with the tufts still on.
In Tennesee, the wind gusts and snow were both blowing around Monteagle and the skies were gray going into Nashville. It was a great day to play Christmas CD's. We saw a field of maybe 30+ wild turkies, or should I say pheasants. That's what they were I guess. Something, Uncle Rich would love to have on a platter!
In Kentucky, south of Louisville, Jim saw a sign that said, "Used Cows for Sale." Now what do you suppose that means?
It's cold, and the sight of the little house on East Street will be a welcoming and happy sight indeed tomorrow. The big bed, a washer and dryer, and a full blast shower all sound like heaven right about now after a long, windy, cold day on I-75, 24, and 65!


Sherrie said...

We look for that "Used Cows" sign every year on the trip to Indiana, we first saw it about three years ago and John always keeps an eye out for it. That's cool that you guys saw it too!

Ape said...

That's a neat pic...did you snap that one? Glad you made it home safely.

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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