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Thursday, June 14, 2007

**** A week in North Carolina ****

Thanks to a cell phone umbilical
cord to Jim and the GPS
thingacabob, Addie and I made it safely to North Carolina from Findlay, Ohio, where we were visiting with Mom before heading south.
I've had a delightful week getting to know my beloved granddaughter, and seeing her daily changes and milestones. I've laughed more this week than in the last year! Addie and the cats have gotten along fine, and we've "swiffered" up dog hairs to not lose our welcome in a dog-free zone. Emmy coos, gurgles, rolls, kicks, handles toys, sits up in her high chair with a wooden spoon and mirror, and today practiced rolling over in the middle of her parents big bed. She does tummy time everyday, listens to Mozart, and is exposed to stimulation to make her little brain cells grow, grow, grow. Such a precious little girl, lucky to live in house filled with love, and loving parents. Also....Emmy's eyes are HAZEL, not brown!

Addie and I head North in the morning, and will take Josh to camp on Sunday for his favorite week of the year. Tuesday, she and I will go to Illinois, to join Jim and Jake for our summer volunteer work at White Pines Forest State Park in the northwestern corner of that state until after Labor Day. He's currently enjoying a visit with son David and his family from Florida. They're having hot dog roasts, going fishing, and staying in one of the cabins while visiting with Grandpa/Dad. Have a safe trip home on Friday kids~

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April said...

so much fun to have you here last week! come again soon!

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

Everyone is special, and counts!