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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dog lovers....or just strange ?

The past couple of nights, it's been doggie time around the campfire. Jake, Addie, and Phil & Rose's standard schnauzer, Zoe, have been going to the evening fires, to get "used" to each other in a smaller circle. Jake lounges in his own chair, gazing at the flames. Addie sits on our laps, squirming until she finds a comfortable spot, and then doesn't move, or even blinks her eyes. (no, no, I'm fine, not tense at all, she says.) Zoe, being black, disappears on Phil's lap in the dark, and sometimes starts to snore.

We were singing commercial jingles, old show tunes with a lot of dah-dah-lalas, to replace the words no one could remember, and Phil is great at limericks, and reversed word songs. We were hooting as much as the owl down in Fox Canyon!

The fords in the park still aren't open. The rangers have been busy this week cleaning up all the debris and junk from the flooding. Tables show up in rather strange places. We have campers dotted here and there, ranging from family groups, to teachers off for the summer... to a guy with no car, who spends his day gathering fire wood.

The lodge is famous for red raspberry pie, and they sell them fresh out of the oven when it's dinner theatre day. People lug home their white box of hot pie after the show which is sold during intermission. The woods are full of raspberries, and when the Mexican church group was here several weeks ago, they took bowls into the woods to gather them. Living in Chicago city neighborhoods, finding them must have been a real treat. I've noticed elderberries everywhere in the area, along roads, in the park, and those are ripening, turning purple. Mom always made elderberry pie towards the end of summer which was always so good, and different from any other kind. It was an annual thing to go pickin'.

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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