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Monday, February 04, 2008

The Army Airborne is here.

Blue skies, and over 85 today in central Florida, our current corner of the world.
We took the dogs to an animal clinic this morning because they've been digging and scratching since we crossed the Florida state line a month ago. The doc said it's very common for snowbird doggies, and local ones too, to itch in this state. Dermatitis, allergies,and sand, are all mean to their skin. They both got an allergy shot, capsules with rich oils to moisten their skin, and allergy pills to take next week when the shot wears off, if they're still at it. They're better already. The doc's yellow page ad advertised that he was an expert at treating itchy skin allergies. Let your fingers do the walking...........but...the fee for all this was $242 bucks. I must say, that vet's are considerably cheaper back home in Indiana.

Jim did laundry today, so that's all done. This afternoon, we found a local seafood diner called Maine-ly New England. The staff were all from Maine; had the accent, and sure knew how to make good down east fare. I felt as if we were eating in Wiscasset, or Camden, having a cup of chowda'! My daughter April and I made a trip there in May of '95; rented a car, and explored the coast. The perfect trip. We ended up in Bangor, on a whim, and parked in front of Stephen King's house, and took pics of April standing at his spider web, gargoyle, scary wrought iron gate. My Mom and I took a windjammer cruise out of Camden for a week on Penobscot Bay in 1973, and revisited the area again in '88 together. Those all were lovely trips, and I "adore" the rocky coast of Maine. Maybe someday Jim and I will see it in the corgidoghouse on wheels.

We noticed the skydivers on Sunday and sort of followed the source to the local airfield. Today we drove down Skydive Lane,and were fortunate enough to park in a field, where numerous other folks were watching jumpers make their way down from 13,500 feet. A Marine mom, her elderly father and her son; just out of advanced training and headed for Iraq, watched with us for awhile. The young Marine, was very young, but his Mom was supportive, and kept her chin up. When they left, we wished him good luck over there...his Mom looked over her shoulder, and asked that we pray for him.
The cool thing about today was that the Army Airborne Exhibition Team from Ft. Bragg, and Ft. Benning were jumping. Cool beans....they would land on a huge X on the ground, and jumped out the tail of an Army plane. Ten jumpers; 3 women, and 7 men went up several times while we were there. Jim spoke with one of the gals, and she had done it 380 times! They represent the 82nd and 101st Airborne group. They were friendly, and sometimes we applauded their efforts. The Freefall Express, was the local plane taking local or out of towners up to dive, and they were fun to watch as well....sometimes we thought they would skim the rooftops and get banged up, but they did ok, and would make it look so effortless. CRAZY PEOPLE! When we got back to the motorhome we added two lawn chairs to the trunk of the car, so we'll be able to sit and watch at our leisure next time. I told Jim maybe I'd end up with brown arms and legs yet while in Florida if we sit out in the sun for awhile as we watch the airfield follies.

On a sad note, my dear friend, Melody, lost her husband, Pat,. to a massive heart attack in their home Saturday morning. He was just 40 years old in December. We wish the family, and dear Melody, our deepest sympathy. God bless.


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Y'all come back now...

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