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Friday, October 17, 2008

Pike's Peak has snow on top

We're back in Woodland Park, Colorado. It's beautiful here, in the 60's today, and the aspen are still golden and full. You can see Pike's Peak from any direction it seems.

The drive through Colorado is incredible. The Dixie Chicks hit, from years ago, "Wide Open Spaces" describes what I'm trying to convey here. The openness, other than an isolated ranch, some cattle, horses, antelope, foothills, sandy gulches, is a whole lot of nothingness, but it's awe inspiring. Tumbleweeds actually blew across the empty two lane highway as we cut across towards Colorado Springs, and Pike's Peak like a beacon, called us to it. It seems to always have snow on its peak, no matter the time of year.
The drive up Ute Pass, once past 'the Springs, is gorgeous at each curve, and jut of rock. The rock is so red, the aspen, so golden. The pines so lush. We passed the Cliff Dwellers and Garden of the Gods on our way up. We'll have to go back to see it all. Our ears popped, and yawns from the high altitude, let us know that we had arrived at our destination. Woodland Park, the city above the clouds.
Lucky break!! Our campsite had a faulty electrical hook-up, so we moved to a much larger, tree laden, buffered by cabins, and level site, thanks to a cancellation! The dogs have a nice yard to potty, right outside our door, rather than having to hoof it to the dog park along the highway. Jim has insulated our water hoses, just in case it freezes. Lots of extra work today, having to set up twice, but overall, we came out ahead. Yahoo!
Bug Update! Yes, thousands of the little asian beetles made the trip west with us. Many have migrated and ended up in three new states. We average killing, or setting free a hundred a day, and they still keep coming. They're up our pant legs, on the back of our necks, and in our hair. Jim had one on his hot ham and cheese sandwich today. They will eventually run out...won't they??????

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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