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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

North Carolina

Hello everyone...greetings from very stormy North Carolina. We're in the mountains, spent the night near Waynesville and Maggie Valley in a campground, something we never do while enroute. We went to Walmart...where we've stayed before...and it was gone! It's thunderboomering this morning, making the dogs walk with their heads down, and hide under the dinette.
We left Florida Monday morning, and ended up in Wally worlds campground in Perry, Ga.
We were surrounded by other class A's, and noisy semi trucks. Not much sleep that night, but a Waffle House breakfast, gotta love those grits, helped a great deal.
Upward and onward through Georgia, where we took the 2-lanes, cutting across to hook up to I-85. South Carolina, then finally North Carolina where we met up with Jim's cousin Greg, at a Cracker Barrel outside of Hendersonville. We talked for several hours, before moving on.
The color has been so pretty through these states. The snapdragons are over a foot high and in full bloom, in showy pinks and yellows. Dead armadillos littered the roadsides. (Now, I love armadillos, and am so sad not to see my army helmets dragging a tail on this trip!) The red dirt is complemented by the lush green leafed out trees.Very pretty, and different from Indiana. One scary the bee skep sized ant hill mounds in the red dirt. I don't even want to invisualize the size of the ants!
Jim blasts the air horns at the small herds of mule deer we've seen several times at the side of the road, eating foliage. Today, in the pouring rain, we decided to cancel our drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Oh well, next trip!


Robin said...

I sooo miss North Carolina...been a Texan for 5 years now but have many fond memories of Hendersonville, Lake Lure and the Asheville area. Be safe in all those storms and take care - Robin

ClassyChassy said...

Did you get a photo of the ant hills??? Geepers! Creepers! I can hardly imagine that! Don't send any of them our direction! Safe journeys to ya!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Those fireants build big mounds but the ants themselves don't get real big. But they are dangerous. I guess you know that in the South, you have to be aware of where you're standing. WATCH OVER THE CORGIS. DOUSE THEM WITH WATER if the ants get on them.

I STILL have the habit of checking my feet constantly to make sure red ants aren't swarming up them, and I've been out of the South for 30 years now. Once you get into red ants you NEVER forget, LOL.

Sorry that weather isn't cooperating! B U M M E R .

What happened to the Wal-Mart? It's just GONE?

Hope the rest of the trip is enjoyable!!!

at the cottage said...

I am enjoying your travels. Sounds great so far but geez, drive safe and be careful of that nasty weather.

Angela said...

Glad to hear you are having a good time! Sorry to hear that you aren't going to be driving the Blue Ridge Parkway! We did that 13 years ago and loved it.

Stay safe with all of that rain coming down!


First Draught Farm said...

Didn't I hear an airhorn off of I-85 right around the Hamilton Mill exit in Ga??? Hope you went thru Hotlanta in non-rush hour. . . (3 am - 5 am) -kat

Chatty Crone said...

We have those fire ant mounds in our yard. Sent hubby to get some red ant killer! Those things hurt! Now I have to get him to put it on. He doesn things slowly.

Also the red clay - there is a folk lore that it is red from the blood of the soldiers from the Civil War. Not true of course.

Glad you are seeing the beauty and the 'rain' we have here in the south.

Miss Janice said...

Cracker Barrel and Waffle that food!

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

Everyone is special, and counts!