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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Healthful Reminders...

Avoiding Colds and Flu

In the 1852 Farmer's Almanac, there was advice on avoiding fevers: “To avoid fall fevers, eat moderately, drink sparingly, lie not down on the damp earth, nor overheat yourself; but keep your temper, and change your clothes as the weather changes.”

Some modern advice from today's publication may be helpful as well:

The best preventative measure is to simply wash your hands the "right" way—and often.

To relieve a cold, drink plenty of fluids to keep the body hydrated. Hot soups clear nasal passages.

Herbal teas frequently bring relief. Rose hip tea is full of vitamin C.

Lemons, oranges, and apple cider are all considered to be cold remedies.

Eating extra-spicy dishes or foods heavy in garlic may speed recovery as well.

My Mom and I have been drinking fresh squeezed lemon juice with honey and hot water (virgin toddies?) each night to fight scratchy throats and nasal drips. It's delicious!


Freya's Human said...

Ooh and ginger tea is also really helpful too! Add a bit of lemon juice (maybe zest too) and some honey and you have all bases covered. Hope you feel better!

Hopefully, you aren't missing PB too much.

April said...

hope you's guys get to feeling better soon!

ClassyChassy said...

Ferget the VIRGIN hot toddies - add the liquor and feel better quicker!

Bug said...

Hey hun! Love the new blog layout. I really need to consider these tips. Just got over a cold - no fun!!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Lying on the damp ground really will get you sick. Also damp concrete is no good in cold weather but I like it in hot weather.

I wonder if allergies are giving you the post-nasal drip?

Those toddies sure sound nice!

Chatty Crone said...

I drink that hot water with lemon and honey too - it clears the lungs right up.

Hope you feel better soon. I've got the same thing going on right now.

Ms Sparrow said...

I'm told that adding a teaspoon of cinnnamon to your drink will fix you right up! Let me know if it helps.

ocmist said...

My BIL swears by cutting a grapefruit in half and boiling it for several mins. then adding sugar to make it fairly sweet. He says that's always worked for chest colds.

I had some really bad earaches with one of the last cold/flus that I had and they wouldn't go away even with antibiotics. I knew that garlic is antibiotic, too, and I had a bottle of minced garlic, so I put a few drops of the garlic oil from that into a tsp of olive oil, heated it up until warm and put some of that into my ears as ear drops. In only about a day or so, the earaches were gone. So, I smelled like a pizza... it could have been worse! LOL!

I also make my own pickled garlic by buying a jar of Bread and Butter pickles, eating those and then putting fresh garlic cloves into the brine that is left and putting them into the fridge for several weeks. When I start gettng a sore throat, I eat one of those a couple of times a day. They are so good that way, it's no problem for me.


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