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Thursday, September 27, 2007

9-26-2007 ~~~ Goodbye Colorado!

A new Wal-mart opened while we were in Woodland Park, Colorado. It blends right into the mountain behind it. They spent $160,000 dollars alone for a bronze mule deer with a majestic rack, which marks the entrance to the parking lot. The pine tree landscaping, mountain style architecture with cross beam planks, green metal roofing, rusty stone exterior, all blended in with the Rocky Mountain theme of the town. It is a beautiful building, with old fashioned lighting in the parking lot, rustic fencing lines the perimeter, and even the sign out on the highway is low profile, and green in color. The company went over and above blending into the beauty of Pike's Peak which stands right behind the building. 300 new jobs opened up to a communtity with no industry, so 'twas a good thing all around. Good job Wally world.
Back at the Kansas...we saw combines in the fields working, creating dust clouds as big as a tornado! We saw a herd of 10 or so antelope (with white butts) lying down in a freshly tilled up field, lounging in the soft dirt, now free of corn stubbles. At a rest stop, we parked next to a cattle truck, full of stinky, mooing cows (on their way to a nice green pasture in the sky). The corgis found them interesting and the cows left a scent that remained l-o-n-g after they moved along.
Mama drove the rig about 150 miles through Kansas, until construction cones down the middle of the highway scared the bejebbers outta me, and my over-corrections said it was time to switch to the professional in the family!
We saw fields of sunflowers, acres of them, and wondered how they harvested that type of field....we're thinking with a corn-picker, maybe? We bedded down at a Wal-mart in Hays, Kansas for the night, along with 9 other rigs in the parking lot and several semis. Jim had fun talking outside with other rv'ers until bedtime. A Journey, exactly the same as ours, pulled in right next to us; they were from California. It's a party at Wal-mart, what can I say?

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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