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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Down to 38 last night!

We have been enjoying these autumn cooled days... we're UP nearly 9000 feet in the mountains, and it's definitely "fall" up here. We've spent the past several days enjoying the mountain views up close and personal. Jim's had a ball "off-roading" in the tracker on trails, I refuse to call them roads, as we climbed up in elevation. Yesterday, we ended up literally on top of the mountain as we toured the gold rush country. The Rockies are incredible this time of year with the colorful Aspen trees, vivid wildflowers, and grasses, all having their last hurrah before winter sets in.

Victor, elevation 10,570 up at the mine, was and currently is the mine center of Colorado. The old mining town, had 500 gold mines at one time. Underground mining stopped in 1961, and today they strip mine for gold. The corporation that owns the mine has made billions of dollars, and the local lady at the visitor's center said there is plenty of gold still in the mines. The gold rush country of Colorado has produced more gold finds than Alaska and California's. The town's architecture is late 1800's, and could be such a wonderful place if money would be fueled into the economy there. The view in any direction, out any window, is incredible. So much history is being wasted, someone needs to start writing for grant money to restore this historical area! (Josh, I picked up some sparkly rocks for you to check out for gold, as we walked at the site of the old mine.)
We looked at little log cabins and were sorely tempted to relocate to this beautiful state. No bugs, no humidity, no need for A/C....what's a little controlled snowfall?
The only negative is how far away we would be from our children, grandchildren and other family members. (sigh).
Today we're catching up on chores, packing up, getting organized, and will have a farewell supper at Jims' mother's home tonight. We head eastward tomorrow morning. We dread going through Kansas again as it's the endless state to cross. We'll get to experience another autumn when we get back to Indiana with its own colors and delights. We won't forget the mountains though....words just can't express the beauty of the area here.

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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