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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tis' Christmas, even in Florida.

12/19: I finally had my first colonoscopy today (Merry Christmas April and Mom) and afterwards we started on our southern trip late, after 6pm. We found a Culver's, much to our delight, in Indy, and relished eating a butterburger again! We slept at the Camping World, south of Indy, which used to be Stout's, and "plugged in" for free for the night. (RV'ers will understand the significance of this!)
12/20: This morning, we shopped at Camping World, and almost successfully, used up our 100 bonus dollars from Jim's credit card. The snow pile on our roof had several "slush slides" as we went south on I-65 towards Louisville. We saw a tractor trailer hauling 3 Humvees, all in camaflogue, one with a machine gun turret in the center, and warning signs in Iraqi and English. I guess we know where that load will end up eventually. Unfortunately, we experienced a bumper to bumper rush hour gridlock in Nashville; people were being careless in the misty rain. We saw a bumper sticker that said, "What would Scooby Do?" Finally out of that mess, we pulled into a Cracker Barrel lot in Manchester, Tennessee, about 40 miles north of Chattanooga. This particular Cracker Barrel was the second store site to open in 1969.
12/21: We have Alabama's last tour CD ('03-'04) cranked up as we go through the misty mountains around Monteagle. Fireworks, rib joints and see Ruby Falls/Rock City signs mar the natural beauty of this area. Atlanta was a real bear. It took us hours to get through. Jim says no more traveling this close to major holidays! Georgia pines, peach groves, and cotton fields whizzed by as we finally, after a very long day, got to go the speed limit! Traffic was heavy all day and night. We re-grouped, and had supper at a Sonny's, our favorite BBQ place in the South, in Tifton, Georgia, then drove down to Lake City, Florida, later in the evening than we normally drive. We found another Cracker Barrel to park overnight, with palm trees, live oaks draped in spanish moss, and nice cushy grass for the dog paws. Everyone was happy to stop for the day! We always ask the manager for permission to park in their lot, no matter where we stay. So far, it's always been a "sure thing, go ahead y'all!"
12/22: People seem to decorate their cars for the holidays. We saw a reindeer yard ornament attached to the front of a SUV, sporting a blinking, red nose. A blue VW had reindeer antlers; the first of many cars with the same idea. Wreaths, window clings on the windows, semi's with red bows. Merry Christmas on the road.
12/23: We're settled into the RV park, and have enjoyed walking the dogs looking at all the lights in the palm trees, and on the parked rigs. We've seen family several times, luckily, they live about 2 blocks apart, making it very handy!

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Y'all come back now...

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