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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Shirt sleeve weather in Tennessee.

Twenty minutes out of Waynesville, N.C., west on 40, we saw an upside down semi and trailer, wheels up, result of taking a mountain curve too fast. What a sight! The tunnels that cut through this range of mountains are a total C-curve, very spooky, because you don't know what to expect. The water coming off the mountains was a frozen glob of ice, even tho the outside temp this morning was 58 degrees.
White water enthusiasts would love the fast,curvy,stream that runs along the interstate through the Cherokee National Forest, and Smoky Mountains. Jim said that a flat bottom canoe, with no keel, would be the perfect way to go.
Newly erected log cabins, some look like lodges, seemed to be 'perched' on a high lookout point, set into the red soil. They look awkward, as if they're barely hanging on, at least that's how it seemed from a car window's perspective, far below.
I seem to have become a roadside litter monitor. Tennessee's litter is nothing to compare with North Carolina's. An occasional sack or bottle, rather than the long, continous roadside dump, strewn for miles and miles everywhere. What's with North Carolina? Surely someone at the statehouse would have noticed, and felt shame!!
It's scary, seeing how low water tables are in the South. Florida, South Carolina, N.C., Tennessee all have sandy beaches and rocky walls where water should be. I hope that someone in these states is praying for rain. Have to wonder tho, if the demand for water is finally catching up with those heavily populated states, complicated by drought? Prayers can't hurt.
We've been going through all our storage compartments inside, taking out what we don't use or need to take back to Indiana tomorrow. The little red tracker is going to be jammed with stuff, 2 corgi dogs, and Jim and I. It will not be a comfortable trip, over 350 miles. Raccoon Valley has a large fenced yard for dogs to play and both corgi kids got much needed exercise before nightfall. We're having crock pot pork chops and fresh green beans for supper, will go next door to the shower house for showers as we didn't want to hook up due to the possibility of colder weather while we're in Indiana. We hope to return here by Saturday, and spend a few days before heading south again. Bluegrass is Sunday night, yahoo!

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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