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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back in Bushnell, Florida

We went north, unpacked what we didn't need in the motorhome, and repacked things we thought we'd need over the winter. Lots of driving in a few days. We arrived back, late, Saturday night at the Escapee's rv park in Raccoon Valley in eastern TN. We unpacked/put away until midnight. We slept in Sunday morning, and went to the Bluegrass Jam that afternoon in the community room. These local folks meet on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons to pick and sing their banjo, guitar, mandolin, bass, or fiddle. They've played together for years,and welcome the listeners to join in to sing Red River Valley, the Green Green Grass of Home, or an old hymn. Fiddlers stop by to say "hey" and end up playing one of the extra guitars, or taking a turn at the mike. Some of these people "must" have played professionally at some point because they are so at home in front of a crowd. No one uses sheet music. Read my older post dated March 1st, 2007, for more detail on the bluegrass jams. These jams are a real perk for staying at this particular park. We love it there.
We were glad to see the spanish moss covered live oaks here at Sumter Oaks RV Park, six miles south of Bushnell off I-75, exit 309. The canopy of trees line each lane and really looks like "old Florida". It's restful to look up at the trees. You feel protected somehow; it's hard to explain. It's nice here at yet another Escapee park. It's woodsy back where the dog walk is, cypress trees are thick and a natural mulch is on the ground, and smells great. There are sand hill cranes here and there. The burros from last year are here, and their pen has been improved. The corgis liked to visit those guys (read December 2007 entry about Bushnell). There's an indoor swimming pool here and we hope to use it sometime. Right now, we're busy rubbernecking the area, seeing what's where. We hope to visit the Largo area once a week or so, as some family members live there, and it's also where our mail is being forwarded to from Indiana.
We witnessed some drama at the Bushnell Waffle House this afternoon. We were there for breakfast, at 2p.m.,as I had a hankering for their raisen toast and cheezy eggs, and Jim had a pecan waffle. There was a shift change, leaving one gal to work at both server and cook, and she was hot about it. She and the assistant manager were using very blue language, within 12 feet of us. The server/cook, still a teen, but the mother of a 17-month old (much loved) son told us she only made $3.30 an hour, and that she was looking for another job. Life is hard for young people who have made poor choices early in life. They have to try to make it on non existent funds, strained coping skills, and lack enough education that would ensure better employment options. We listened, and tried to encourage her, and Jim tipped her well; we left there sad, and hope life is kinder down the road for her.Choices make or break us, don't they? The corgi kids are enjoying these cool days and nights in northern Florida. Good sniffing for them. I keep looking for armadillos, but none spotted yet.

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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