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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Too cold for Armadillos!

What a fluke in weather the South is having. No armadillo sightings this trip due to this crazy frigid blast. Last year, in the same locale, they were all over the place! 20's and 30's in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The blasting headwinds ruined Jim's mileage, and froze us while walking the dogs. Winter coats and gloves weren't enough to make the task comfortable.
We saw lots of bird life as we traveled through South Carolina's low country yesterday. The waterways, rivers, streams, and intercoastal waterways were gorgeous. Hated to just drive through and not stop and explore. We slept in a Flying J parking lot last night at the SC/NC state line. Lots of RV's of every brand were there.
One thing we noticed today was the endless trail of litter on the major roadways in North Carolina. How sad, it's such a pretty state, densely wooded, hills and dales, but trash is everywhere. It's obvious there are no tax dollars set aside for clean-up, or enough volunteer groups to do it. As Gomer would say, "for shame, for shame, for shame!"
We drive by John Edwards' estate on Old Goldsboro Road, here outside Chapel Hill, as we go to and from our wooded site at the Spring Hill Campground.(I reckon he's in Iowa today.)The neighbor across the road from the Edwards' drive entry has a sign up saying, "Go Rudy, in 2008!" We always stay here, it's beautiful, the dogs enjoy all the good sniffing grounds, and, they have cable! It's less than 15 minutes to the North Carolina kid's house, and a shopping plaza with a Food Lion, and laundromat are 5-7 minutes down the curvy, deer infested road. We counted over 2 dozen tonight as we stopped long enough to hug my girls, hear Emmy's belly laugh, see her 8 new teeth, and watch her new skill....crawling lickety split across the floor. Oh, and she says 'kitty'.
On to the Farm House, Jim's favorite place here in Chapel Hill. Down a rutted, S-curved, gravel lane is an old wood sided restaurant. A wooded setting, once a farm yard, is strewn with abandoned tractors, tools and outbuildings. We sat in front of the fireplace, and the heat felt darn good tonight. The walls are painted red, and trimmed in dark wood siding. The lighting is dim, real dim, and real kerosene lamps at each table light the rooms. Old farm tools, implements, harnesses,etc., all painted black, decorate the walls. Its menu reminds you of 60's fare. Very simple. Relish tray, salad, 3 types of steak, tuna, shrimp, and grilled chicken. Rolls, baked potato, and that's the entire menu. Not many yuppies eat here, believe me!
It's down in the 20's tonight(we pulled our slides in, to have less area to heat,and didn't hook up the water hose, just filled the tank). They say warmer temps by the weekend. April says there's a new Trader Joe's that's opened since my last visit so we'll go there and peruse the aisles of "natural" foods, and organic products on Saturday. Jim plans a quiet weekend in the RV as he's nursing a cold that I had in Florida last week.

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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