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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Back home in Indiana

We spent our last week in Florida... not as planned. Our mother, staying with my oldest brother in Largo became very ill and was hospitalized for 6 days. We moved the motor home to a back parking lot at the med center which proved to be much more convenient than 3 hours of traveling every day, following a long day at bedside. The dogs enjoyed their evening romps, running free in the back 40 (so to speak) of the parking lot. Mom improved, and we brought her up to Indiana in our motor home. Today she entered a nursing home in her home town, for rehab services. We'll see how it goes.
Northern Florida roadsides were covered with carpets of pink/white/purple wildflowers. So pretty! The drive north delighted us with lovely spring time blooms. Red bud trees, Azalea in showy pink, white Dogwood in the woods, and Wisteria in full bloom was seen all through Georgia. Tennessee had jonquils and daffodils along the highways, and tender , new leaves unfolding in the trees. Kentucky was just beginning to bud, and Indiana is just now trying to wake up from a long winters' least the grass is greening up, and the tulips have poked through the soil.
Diesel prices ranged from 3.93.9 to 397.9 at the Flying J's.
Our travel days are over for a while. Helping Mom adjust, and job-hunting will fill our days for months to come.
We enjoyed our 21 months of camp-hosting, travel, and bumming around, seeing bits of America. We still have a lot to see, and to experience, but....that will be down the road for the time being.
Bon Voyage readers. Happy trails, if you're out there.

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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