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Monday, March 03, 2008

Natural Wonders...

We drive by this park as we go to Plant City, or Lakeland and finally turned into it's woodsy setting on the last day of February. You'd never know that it's 'winter' in other spots of the's so deceptive, wintering in have to keep reminding yourself that it isn't already summer.

Anyway~Hillsborough River State Park is one of the original state parks in Florida. The CCC built it in 1936, and the park opened in 1938. The 111 campsites are roomy and woodsy. Water and electic, and plentiful shower buildings for twenty bucks a night. There are seven miles of nature trails at different levels for hikers, photographers, or middle-agers like us with corgi dogs; to enjoy the natural scenic beauty.
The Rapids Nature Trail is the most popular, running a little over a mile, is mostly on boardwalks along the Hillsborough River. Rapids, running over the carved out limestone is the perfect place to stop and oooh-ahhh, and hopefully spot a river gator. Cypress trees stain the water to a tea color, and their knees rise up from boggy areas. ( I love cypress trees with their skirt ruffles.)
Canoe/kayak people can rent both at the park if they didn't bring their own. Towards the back of the park, there is a large gift shop/cafe' which serves breakfast and lunch daily, and a large pool with bathhouses is there as well. The pool can hold 216 people. For campers, getting in is free, otherwise swimming is 2 bucks.
Fort Foster is the historical center of the park with artifacts for the history buffs. It is a replica of the 1837 fort built during pioneer times, and the 2nd Seminole Indian War.
We talked to park volunteers, one from Nova Scotia, and picked up our own application, thinking it would be a cheaper way to winter in Florida, and contribute something at the same time.

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Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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