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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Now that money is tight....

Money doesn't grow on trees, or come by jobs for many these days.
It would be helpful to know, and be forewarned, how long our expensive appliances, and indoor/outdoor home products will serve us.
Our old friend the Farmer's Almanac should be required reading for us all.

How Long Will It Last?

Predictable life expectancies (in years) for a number of home components:

Clothes dryer 14
Clothes washer 13
Dishwasher 10
Microwave oven 11
Range, electric 17
Range, gas 19
Cast-iron tub 50
Fiberglass tub/shower 10-15
Toilet 50
Ceramic tile lifetime
Granite 20+
Plastic laminate 10-15
Wood 20+
Exterior, protected by overhang 80-100
Exterior, unprotected and exposed 25-30
Garage door 20-50
Garage-door opener 10
Interior, hollow core 30
Interior, solid core 30 to life
Screen 25-50
Oak or pine lifetime
Slate flagstone lifetime
Vinyl sheet or tile 20-30

Air conditioner, central unit 15
Air conditioner, window unit 10
Furnace, gas- or oil-fired 18
Heat exchanger 24
Water heater, electric 14
Water heater, gas 11-13
Deck, wooden 15
Driveway, asphalt 10
Fence 12
Patio, brick or concrete 24
Walkway, concrete 24
Walkway, gravel 4
Asphalt 15-30
Sheet metal 20-50
Slate 50-100
Tile 50
Wood shingles and shakes 15-30
Aluminum 20-50
Metal 50 to life
Vinyl 30
Wood 10-100*
*10 years if constantly moist; 100 years if properly maintained.

- Source: Gopal Ahluwalla and Angela Shackford,


Sherrie said...

Wow, our electric range is original to the house which makes it 29 years old! In the last few years we've had to replace the fridge and dishwasher, but the range just keeps hanging on. We don't get the Farmer's Almanac life expectancy for a washer and dryer...we're a bit rough on those appliances! This data was interesting, thanks!

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Verrrrrry interesting, especially if considering a new house...some things last a lot longer than I thought they would, and some just go kaput earlier than they ought to!

Life expectancy of anything really ugly in your house that you can't stand, like gold-and-red flocked wallpaper, or lime-green and blue-gray shag carpet: FOREVER

Buttercup said...

My oak floors -- just about my favorite part of the apartment are holding up well. The microwave 19+ is doing great, but the dishwasher 25+ and the refrigerator 25+ are kind of ready for replacement, but it's not quite budget time next. Did replace the air conditioner after 15 years, but got a new much more energy efficient one. I guess I got good use of it, but I thought it had gone too soon. This was really interesting. Thanks!

ClassyChassy said...

Loved reading your post - lots to reflect on!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Okay - deep thinking here today - I must be living in the land of the dead appliances!

My stove, microwave, dishwasher are 26 years old. That probably means I can expect them to die any minute and have to pay more money out!

Thanks! (teehee) It's okay though.

I do a lot of newer stuff too - my refrigerator goes out a lot!

Dani said...

We bought a new gas oven and fridge when we moved here 5 years ago and have already had to call out the repair man 3 times....he says the new ones are made to fall apart within 5 years..the old appliances are much better as they were made here in the States. The new ones are mostly made overseas...we bought all Maytag too because of their reputation...sigh...
The oven did a very scary thing...I was baking cookies and shut the door, the entire front glass door shattered, just exploded.
The repair man it was a defect in the, I didn't get hurt but was sure scared.

JeanMac said...

Really interesting info - we just replace most of our older appliances.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Hmmm...some things I've bought seem to break sooner than I would expect. I love it when you go to get replacement parts for something and they tell you that it is obsolete (even though it is only a few years old!) and is cheaper for the company to discontinue the item rather than stock replacement parts. The Mister is a mechanic, so he's come up with some very creative solutions over the years, but things are just not made the way they used to be. We need some good old fashioned master craftsmen.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

I will say that I have some paint brushes that are 25 years old :) I guess they have a good life expectancy! xo xo -C ^..^

Chatty Crone said...

Is that little girl up top a picture of you?

ocmist said...

Is this a "new" Farmer's Almanac? I think they don't build 'em (appliances) like they used to now-a-days.

Lots of interesting info, though, to keep in mind.

Oh, Dani, that must have really been scary... an exploding oven!!!


at the cottage said...

I just know I am going to sounds like my parents but they sure as heck don't make things like they used to. When I sold my house 3 years ago - I was still using the dryer that was 32 years old (and on it's last legs, very tempermental) and the washer was about 15 years. I have heard that they make things now to last maybe 10 years!!

And don't get me started on small appliances! I have gone through at least 3 electric kettles this year!! Sheesh before that my good kettle was almost 5 years old.

I am switching back to a whistle kettle on the stove.

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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