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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thinking Caps on please...

First of all, I just can't figure out why I'm unable to comment on my fav blogs, like Penniwig's, but can on others? It's darn frustratin'.

Been thinking about the past...a lot. Thinking about childhood, teenhood and adulthood.
Decades. Think about that. in tens of years....this summer is my fortieth, as in 4-0, ouch that hurts to admit...40th class reunion. High school was so long ago....obviously, huh? there is a quiz. Today, I'm asking you all to put on your thinking caps and rather than write your answers in the old college exam 'blue book', I want you to comment, in a sentence or two, your answer to the following questions, if you are willing to play along.

1. What is one childhood memory of your grandmother?

Mine is sleeping in her feather bed, with feather pillows, mattress, and coverlet.
And...getting lost in all that fluff.

2. What is one outstanding memory of your teen years?

Mine is riding on the back of blue scooter on a summer night for the very first time feeling the soft air, and freedom of it all, being scared to death and hanging on to a nice boy named Joe.

3. What is a mental flashback you have of your motherhood experience?

Mine is the feeling of elation/pride/awe at the birth, and at the high school graduation of my two offspring. There have been other moments, but those two things jump out as biggies.


Chatty Crone said...

1. Sleeping in the guest room at my grandmother's - I had the feeling that is was the most safe place in the whole entire world back then.

2. My first love. Felt safe again too.

3. Motherhood - was tough for me because of my past - so I remember it for me as a time of struggle to change to become a better mom. Less stressed.

Loved your memories.

♥Mimi♥ said...

1. What is one childhood memory of your grandmother?

Finding out that both of them had died before I was born.

2. What is one outstanding memory of your teen years?

My first boyfriend, Gary. He treated me so well. I never should have given him up.

3. What is a mental flashback you have of your motherhood experience?

Knowing that I would kill anyone or take on anything to protect my children. And, realizing I would do the same thing for my grandchildren, in a heartbeat.

♥Mimi♥ said...

I'm putting this in an additional post because I have a definite ax to grind and need to let off some steam. And, considering your blog offered, well, here it is:

Over the past few days the media is filled with tributes to Michael Jackson. I haven't seen such coverage since we elected our last president. Now, granted, he was a talented person and gave us a lot of good music and did dontate to charity; however, I can't see that his life was worth more than any one of the young people who was clubbed or shot to death in Iran over the past two weeks. These young folks put their life one the line for freedom, something all of us here in America take for granted.

So, why does Michael Jackson have a life more valuable than someone who is willing to martyr theirs for a greater cause? I am fed up with media that only reports the "flavor of the day" and not what really matters.

Off my soap box. And, you don't have to agree with me...I just needed to vent.

BTW, that blueberry pie IS delicious! You NEED to make one!


1)Oh..Noni...Homemade baked bread, Rose curtains in living room we all made fun of but would die for today!

2)Teen years? To short...First love!
Yep...teen years and first love...both to short

3)Motherhood? Priceless with thought of....

Dani said...

1. Going with Grandma to the thrift shop, picking out junk (so I thought) and seeing how she remade them into something wonderful.

2. Joining the Jesus people and street witnessing (great teen years)

3. Watching our first adoptive baby son walk towards us with his tiny hand outstretched....

Ms Sparrow said...

Just wanted to let you know that I have trouble leaving comments on Penniwig's site too.

Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Oh hi dearie...didn't ye know? To comment on my blog ye first have to put a quarter into yr disk drive slot, see? Then you double-click, and then it rolls out over here from my USB port and you can post.

I'm green with envy over yr Big Hilda, wherever did ye find her???!!!

My memories of the past would just spread gloom over yr blog, dearie...let me search my memory fer something NICE...hmm...

1. Sitting by a tiny, very deep goldfish pond in her yard.
2. Leaving home at 16 to go to LSU, and the incredible relief I felt.
3. The shock of being told I was pregnant after years of physicians saying it was "impossible."

April said...

1) Gram making French crepes for my breakfast, and popping popcorn on the stove in the evenings so we could watch Wheel of Fortune or a Brave's game. Drinking 7Up from the tall green bottles, which she always had on hand in case she needed to "bop".

2) As much of my teen years as I try to forget (braces, big glasses, big (bad) hair)...a good memory is driving to the mall in the Ford station wagon with Josh, windows down, music loud and both of us grinning like crazy.

3) Emmy singing songs, telling us she loves us, giving us kisses, and asking me to put pig tails in her hair.

JeanMac said...

(1)I loved watching Grandma put on her "galoshes"?
(2)friends and boy friends
(3)Looking at each son right after birth

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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