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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Fling...

Our corgi boy, Jake, will be ten years old on March 31st. He can still herd, run, play like a puppy. He licks his paws more now after his rambunctious antics these days, but in his head, he's a mere laddy. Jake is good through and through, and has never snarled/snapped at anyone. He can give you a good licking though!
He has never met a stranger. He loves all. Kids are his favorite toy. Poor Emmy is allergic to his tongue. (Can you BELIEVE that a granddaughter of mine is allergic to corgis? Oh, the pain of it!) Jake's honor, and in honor of his goodness...we are having a Spring Fling Giveaway!

What we have to offer our contestants is the bestest ever Banana Bread recipe....and..

..a soothing CD created by our daughter in law, Christina. She has a lovely voice, and wrote several of the songs on this CD. She and her brother, father and several friends collaborated on this project. Jim and I play this cd on long trips, and we can actually feel a calmness settle over our rattled nerves. When I drive down to North Carolina to visit my girls, April and Emmy, I listen to this. It's wonderful, and I really feel that you'll like it too.

Many of you know that I make cards, so we'll throw in some "girlfriend" cards to send to your sista's...enough to send everyday for a week. Jake suggested throwing in a Dentabone, but you want that? I explained to him that our species tend to use toothbrushes, more often than not.
There are no rules for this giveaway...just comment what you like best about Spring.
The flowers, the warmth, the fashions? What is it about Spring that makes your heart go pitter pat?
The corgi kids will sniff out the winner next Monday, March 22nd.
Hope that you'll join in, and give this giveaway a whirl!


Buttercup said...

I knew you were cooking up something fun. I could do pages about what I like about spring -- and maybe I will. I love seeing the first spring flowers, the longer days and the first -- and second and third -- warm breeze. And then there is a magical moment when the sound of the Mr. Frosty truck is heard in the land. Can't wait!

Pam said...

Happy birthday to Jake! I had an uncle Jake who was pretty great also! It sounds like to me Jake is still enjoying life to the fullest!

Spring means so many things to me, I love this time of year. It is a time for renewal! It brings a freshness to the air and the wonderful pleasant sound of birds chirping and warbling. Not to mention the great warm gentle breezes, planting gardens, seeing the hyacinths, forsythia, daffodils and lilacs coming into bloom.

There is nothing like the smell of lilacs and I anxiously await them each year. Spring also means long walks in the fresh air and last but, not least, getting out on the golf course to see what damage I can do! I can hardly wait for some warmer weather; springtime and wearing shorts and sandals!!!

Yum, the banana bread recipe sounds great and I bet it would win a blue ribbon at the county fair!

And since I am a music lover, I imagine Christina's CD is excellent. Does she sing professionally? I would love to hear it!

This is a fun thing and you did a great job with it! Great question!!!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Awww. Happy Birthday to your Corgi Baby Jake,
I love Spring when the sound of the song birds and the sweet smell of Wisteria and Honey Suckle float through the air. The soft breezes blows and the sun shines bright.
And I would love to win your great items.
What great little treasure you have to give away.

Chatty Crone said...

I am excited about your new give away. Count me in! So what do I like best about spring - spring means a new start - a new beginning - babies - plants - flowers - just every thing.


Okay sorry Emmy is allergic to their tongue - I can't believe it!

And happy birthday Jake - he sounds like the perfect dog!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday Jake! You sure are a handsome corgi! I love Spring because of the warmer days, the Sun is actually out, the warm breezes, Mule rides, being able to go outside without freezing to death, seeing the flowers bloom and the leaves on the trees, green grass, etc..... I just love Spring! I hope it stays Spring longer than it usually does around here. Sometimes it's like we get 2 weeks of Spring and then Summer takes over!


Dozer and Coop said...

Best part of spring? The first rains (we live in Oregon) and the smell of the new grass when it is wet. Preferrably this happens in the evening so you can sit on the front steps and smell the garden, the rain and the feel the warmth of a corgi tucked under your arm.

Love, Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

ClassyChassy said...

Happy Birthday to Jake!!!
And count me in on your giveaway! One of the things I love best about spring is when the songbirds begin to return. Right now I can actually hear one singing outside as I type this comment...must mean our walls don't have the recommended amount of insulation in them, because my windows are closed, and i still hear that birdie! Ah....spring - it's coming!

Ms Sparrow said...

Spring always arrives just when it's needed the most, doesn't it?
It's remarkable how quickly people rearrange their lives. The places most busy on a Sunday afternoon in the winter (like the library) are suddenly quiet, while lots of people are outdoors enjoying the fresh air.

Holly, the Old Western Gal said...

Jake is amazing for age 10. What a handsome dog.

Jake, may dropped cookies and corners of BLTs be found plentifully today and throughout your life.

I like the fact that spring shows us to keep on keepin' on. No matter what kind of winter just passed, wake up, get movin' and turn yer face to the sun.

Mevely317 said...

I'm delighted to wish Jake-ster a "Happy 10th" ... tickled that I'm not the only one who celebrates their fur babies. (My own Caraleigh turns 10 in June!)

Spring? ...What's that? LOL
Out here in Arizona seems we go from Winter right into Summer. But, I'd have to say it's Mom Nature coordinating her timeline with my commute ... allowing me to gasp at the emerging dawn behind the mountains. Another new beginning ... like New Years Day, every day!

Whosyergurl said...

Happy Birthday Jakey!
What do I love about spring? Green sprigs peeking through the dirt, rain, sunshine, warth! Being able to open my sunroof!
Taking Chelsea on walks outdoors!
The way the birds sing, flowers,la...I loe it all!
xo, Cheryl

ocmist said...

Happy Birthday, Jake! We are backtracking and know that Holly already won this "corgi toss" and now I can see why! Dropped cookies and corners of BLT's... YUMMERS! You must have used the old corgi telepathy on your Dad! OC & the CCC

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Y'all come back now...

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