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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pat it, and roll it, and put it in a pan!

We are so nuts. We thought that we followed the recipe, but nope..we doubled everything but the flour. That's what happens when you get three gals in the kitchen, yukking it up and trying to keep eyes and hands on the butter-sugar-egg concoction being flung out of the bowl by Emmy left and right. Sheesh! Let us just say, that stirring, is not her forte'! So...we had to knead more flour in before we could roll it out and cut out from a mega pile of cookie cutters.

That little Emmy had flour from her nose to her waist! She really enjoyed the whole process and need I say...clean up took a while!

April has a nice little baby bump, and that bump gave a terrific kick, startling us all!
She's a tired, but very patient mommie to her little kitchen helper.

It was a fun few days in North Carolina. The kids had a lovely, fragrant, Frasier fir tree this year. I haven't been near a real tree since the nineties! Also, I was surprised how cold it was there! The kids had a movie night out, while Em and I had a jammie/popcorn/Bernstein bears moviethon of our own. We saw the Disney Toy Story 3 ice show which was very entertaining for all.
The planes were all on time, and not as scary as feared. A good trip. It's always good to be back home, but the missing begins at the airport....sigh.
Jim picked me up and we hit a Cracker Barrel on the way home which took longer than the flights! Went back to work today. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the season in your own way.


Angela said...

I'm so glad that you got to spend some time with your family Corgidogmama! Looks like that grand baby of yours had a great time making cookies! She's such a cutie!

Merry Christmas!

April said...

good times, good times. the cookies taste good, by the way. emmy was wondering out loud today when "the next people" will come to stay at our house...guess she likes visitors! She told everyone at school that her Grammy told her there was snow in Indiana!

Mevely317 said...

Awwww! :)
Sounds like you packed more laughing and lovin' into a few days than some folks do in a year!

Whosyergurl said...

What a cute title! How wonderful for you to get to visit and have a Grandma night so that your daughter and hubbie could go out.
Welcome home. I talked to my son in Raleigh tonight and they are expecting the same yucky weather that we are! I think you guys are too far north for what they are predicting. XO, Cheryl

Pam said...

Lucky you corgidogmama! Emmy is a doll baby, cute as can be and I can only imagine how much fun you had with her. Know how you felt with messing up on the ingredients. I've done that when I'm in the kitchen talking to myself!

Love the pics of you all and I'm sure it was hard to leave Emmy but glad you returned home safe and sound. Our grandson's arrival has been moved up to Valentine's Day now and I can hardly wait. I want to bake cookies with him and watch movies just like you did with Emmy! Bet she hated to see you leave.

Thanks for sharing your great time and good wishes to April with the new baby! Hugs to you Corgidogmama!

Chatty Crone said...

I am so thrilled for you - that looks so normal and warm and loving. I just know in my heart you love being there. It warms my heart to see you all. I can smell those cookies from here.

Congrats with the new baby - boy or girl?


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