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Now, that I'm way on the wrong side of sixty, I feel that being true to self is important. "I yam, what I yam." Kindness and smiles are to be given away. Women are strong. Men are more vulnerable than we believe. Husbands may come and go...but one thing I know for sure is that I will NEVAH live without a corgi or coffee in my life if I can prevent it. Come piles of dog fur or hot water!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I thought you'd want to know...

Top 10 things Women shouldn't do in public

1. apply full make up ~
2. pull out your thong from butt crack ~
3. sit cross legged while wearing a skirt ~ (somebody tell the A.M. news shows!)
4. show off a midriff ~

5. talk on your cell in a public place ~ (restroom or dressing room)
6. ask your boyfriend if he loves you ~ (how 'bout your husband?)
7. tweeze errant hair or pop a pimple ~
8. criticize your boyfriend ~ (how 'bout your husband?)
9. adjust "the girls" ~
10. Pee all over a toilet seat without wiping it before leaving stall ~

Who knew these things were all on the don't do list?

list from "The Frisky"~


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

Dearie, WHO made that list???

Though I do agree with the first 4 primes, and 8 and 10.

Tanya said...

I do all of these on a daily basis....just kidding, he he! What a funny list!

Happy Spring!!!

Chatty Crone said...

Now, I may be dumb, but what does it mean to 'not adjust the girls'?


I shall love to comment as soon as I get my thongs out of a twist,re-adjust these ta-tas...and remove someones sprinkle from the tinkle...LOL! I am now...hmmm...taking advice from your list...I would NEVER ask MY Jimmy in you love me? Instead(giggle giggle)shhhhh...Susans you love me! Oh,I had better run now...a few stray brown hairs to public too...I'll pull the brown hares at Penniwigs blog for my blog! Hugs to ya Sista...and oh..Your Sweet Jimmy whispered in my EAR...HE loves you!

ClassyChassy said...

Too funny! but I hope you enlightened 'chatty crone' - !

Buttercup said...

Thanks for the smiles. One thing I am guaranteed not to do is expose my midriff in public. I owe that to greater society.

at the cottage said...

Great list!@ lol. I always have to me mindful when fixing the band of my bra , I have to remind myself to find a bathroom or quiet corner.

Y'all come back now...

Y'all come back now...

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